What Is The Best Vacuum For Cat Hair?

bestvacuum-cathair-ad1-11112014Cat hair can tricky to get off the floor, especially if you have multiple cats. Hair gets everywhere. Even after you’ve vacuumed the floor with a standard vacuum, hair piles up yet again. As a result, you’re left defeated by a vacuum cleaner that simply won’t clean up all the cat hair. The best vacuum for cat hair is one that quickly sucks air through a tunnel, removing cat hair from your floors.

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The Best Vacuum For Cat Hair Is….

The Hoover S3639 Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum

best vacuum for cat hair

The Hoover S3639 Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum has been dubbed the best vacuum for cat hair, because of its rotary power and strong suction ability. This full size canister vacuum thoroughly cleans floors, because of its wind tunnel technology. Whether or not you realize it, this vacuum is the ultimate clean machine for any cat owner. It has a power hand tool that makes it easy for you to get cat hair off of upholstery and steps. In addition to this, the Hoover S3639 Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum comes with a dusting brush, chrome wands and a dusting brush.

Bringing even more utility to a specialty vacuum cleaner, the Hoover S3639 Canister Vacuum has a hard-floor tool and a dusting tool, both of which make it easier to remove cat hair until the next vacuuming, of course. This vacuum has a long lifespan. After several years, it still works with strong vitality and great suction. Carpet looks new and fresh after a good cleaning with this vacuum. Mold spores, dust mites and allergens can all be sucked away.

This vacuum is a great value for the price. Many consumers who have owned several other vacuum brands swear by this model. It not only picks up cat hair, but also other annoyances that tend to present themselves. This vacuum does not require much effort to use. In fact, air smells clean after you use this model, and it doesn’t cause you to sneeze like many other vacuums.

bestvacuum-cathair-ad1-11112014The Hoover S369 Wind Tunnel Canister Vacuum passes the test of cleaning up pet hair. Many owners with multiple cats are able to clean up after all their cats, including other furry pets. With this machine, you will find that it is quieter than many other vacuums and accessory attachments make this model highly effective in getting rid of all cat hair in the house. You can also clean tabletops with the vacuum’s attachments. This vacuum also comes with a HEPA filter, so it is easy to get clean air with this model. People with joint and muscle problems will find this vacuum comfortable, easy to use and very functional.

Regardless of what type of cat you have, your cat is going to shed. That’s why it’s so important to find the best vacuum for cat hair—one that does the job and sucks up cat hair at the same time. This vacuum cleaner is clearly a game changer for those who have remained true to other vacuum cleaner brands.

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